Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Better Today

I'm feeling much better today.
Not feeling as sorry for myself and as emotional.

I signed up for Lamaze Classes today. So wierd. I can't believe I'm doing these things. My classes start on Oct 21st - Nov 18th. 6-8:30pm. 2 1/2 hours is LONG!! Especially when I go to bed at 9pm. I'm going to need to take a quick nap before I go. I also scheduled my breastfeeding class for Nov 25th 6-8:30. It's all becoming so real.

DH is so wonderful. I'm sure going to enjoy the last 3 months I have with him being like this. He's been so wonderful. I know it will all change once I'm not pregnant anymore. Not that he won't be wonderful anymore, but I won't be nearly as spoiled as I am now. I feel like Alanis is going through a growth spurt this week. My tummy gets crampy every night and my skin is feeling stretched. Plus, I can feel her more often, but in different areas.

I'm trying to eat better. Now that I've had a TON of Ice Cream cake. I'm going to really really try not to gain TOO much weight in my last 3 months. I just want to gain the reccomended amount. Not 8lbs every month. So i'm really going to put an effort into eating healthier. It would be easier accept I crave sugar like there is no tomorrow. I mean even if I eat a nice healthy dinner and I'm full, I can't go to bed without something sweet to top it off. I guess if I listen to the dr and have my sweets when I crave them, but in moderation, then maybe I'll be ok.

DH and I are going camping this weekend!! I'm so freaking excited!!! My dad is closing the shop on Friday so I get a 4-Day weekend at camp!! Woo Hoo!!

Monday, August 25, 2008

Mid Thirties

That's me now! 34!
Happy flipping birthday to me.

I'm extremely thankful to be pregnant this year. I love my little girl.
My husband is awsome and I'm so thankful I have him.

Other then that, my birthday was a giant dissapointment.
I felt really let down and really unloved.
But hey, it's probably just hormones right!

Saturday, August 9, 2008

2nd Day in a row................

that I'm blogging!!! Been awhile since I did that eh!!

Yesterday I went to the TotTrade. It's a giant consignment sale they hold once a year in an arena. I got some GREAT stuff!!! Tons of clothes in sizes ranging from 0-9 mos. Mostly I got pajamas. I also got a Pack-n-play (in mint condition) for $25. I got a Bassinet in mint condition for $35. I also got a Leapster Play Table, a changing table pad, some floor puzzle piece things (see below links), and a bumbo. Here are the links for some pictures.


I also went to target and bought my bookcase I wanted. I put it together today and put some decor above it.

It's been a busy couple days. Tomorrow I have to go to Lens Crafters and see if they can fix Russ's glasses. Hopefully they will do it for free since they are less then a year old.

Well, I'm off to bed. I'm exhausted from my busy day!

Friday, August 8, 2008

I guess it's time for an update!!

I know that I'm a slacker.
I have no defense to that. Just everytime I want to do a blog entry, I want to add pictures and on blogger.com, it's a pain in the ass to add pictures.
So I decided to add picture links instead. That's much quicker.

Since the last time I posted, we've come up with a name for our little girl. Her name will be Alanis. I'd put her full name (middle and last), but posting that stuff on the web scares the crap out of me. So, I'll just say her name is Alanis.

We've got most of her room done. We need to hang some stuff up and we still need a dresser and bookshelf.

Here are some picutres of it so far.








Here are the letters that I made to hang above her crib. We just havene't hung them yet.



Here is her closet.............so far.


She's a tad spoiled.

Today we're going to a TotTrade in Charlotte. It's a GIANT consignment sale they have twice a year at an Arena. I can't wait to get some goodies!!!!

Lets see what else....................................

I'm feeling good. My feet hurt a lot when I walk around or stand too much, but other then that, I feel great. I have a doctors appointment on Monday. I can't believe I'm starting my 6th month tomorrow. 4 more months!!!

Russ is off to Hungary again tomorrow. Blech!

Ok, I have to get some stuff done. I'll post tomorrow about my loot from the TotTrade.

Have a great day!!

Wednesday, July 16, 2008


She's beautiful!!!
She's doing so well. Measuring right on track at 18w5d. All her measurments came out perfect. Brain, kidneys, stomache, umbilical cord, etc. all look great and are working well. Her heartbeat was 155.

Here are some pics!!

She was facing the placenta and refused to turn around. So we didn't get any face pictures or 4d pictures.

Here is a picture of her back side

Here is her head and a leg and a arm

Here is her girly parts

And here she is trying to do a somersault!

Isn't she great!!! I can't wait to meet her!!

Sunday, July 13, 2008

A week in the life of...................


Nothing exciting really.
Work has been pretty slow, so it didn't take long to get all caught up there.
We even took a half day on Friday.

Wednesday, Russ and I went out for our 3 year anniversary. We went to an italian restaurant called Pinocchios. It's really good. It's a small place, only about 12 tables and you always need reservations because it's that good! They even have homemade Cannolis!!

Thursday, we went out to dinner again. This time it was with a guy from Russ's work. We went to O'Charleys. I got a filet mignon and a loaded baked potato. The potato was great, the steak was really under done. Blech! I sent it back, but all they did was microwave it. I didn't eat it.

I've been working on my Thank you notes. It's taking a really long time. I have 41 of them to do.
Plus, I"m not sealing them all yet since tomorrow I'll hopefully be finding out weather it's a boy or girl, then I can add that to the cards as a little surprise.

Oh, I got my new pregnancy pillow on Friday
It's huge! And it's WONDERFUL!! The last two nights, I've slept so well!!
I've only been up to pee once in the night at around 4am. I feel so good when I get up. Refreshed. I think I'll be using this pillow forever!!! Even when I'm not pregnant.
Poor Russ though, he has hardly any room on the bed anymore. He says he's fine though, so who am I to argue.

Tomorrow at 10:15am, we're going to our ultrasound to find out if we're having a boy or girl. I sure hope the baby cooperates.

Well, back to working on the Thank You notes!!

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

I'm Back!

My trip was so great! It was relaxing and I got to see all my favorite Peeps!!!

I hated the plane ride there. It was extremely rough and shakey and I just don't care for those types of plane trips. Also, I fogot HOW tight the seating is in coach. It's been awhile since i've flown and with this belly, it really sucked!! I definately couldn't fly when I was like 7 months. I'd be way more miserable. Kayla (my niece) went with me. It was her first plane ride and I was worried that she'd hate it and not get on our flight in ATlanta, but I was so wrong! She LOVED it! Here are some pics!

My shower was great! I got lots of good stuff!! So many people came. I wasn't expecting a lot to show up, but they did and it was great to see everyone. I wish I had more time to visit with them all though. I had to divide my time between 38 people and open gifts in 3 hours. It was tough.

I hung out with Erin and her boys on Monday and Thursday. That was great too. Her boys are such snuggle buns!! I wanted to take one home. Or two.

Friday Russ and I went to lunch with Melissa and Patty!! This is the ONLY picture I have of them. I'm soooo glad I remebered my camera!

Later that night we went to dinner with my inlaws. Here is a nice pic of me and Russ.

Here are some pics from when we went to Dansville. Russ is obsessed with sunsets and getting pictures during them. So here is one of me and then I took one of him.

Our trip home was nice. We upgraded our seats to first class (only cost $49) on the flight from Rochester to Atlanta. The flight was much smoother and I had a ton of room for me and my big belly. It was so nice. Our trip from Atlanta to Charlotte would have been coach. We would have gotten home around 8pm, but they overbooked the flight and asked for volunteers to take the later flight. Well Russ and I jumped on it since we could use the free plane tickets. They gave us each a free round trip ticket and went to book us on the 11pm flight and realized it was full too. So she offered us TWO round trip tickets EACH, plus a hotel room for the night and dinner. We said OK! She then booked us on the 9am flight in FIRST CLASS!!! Thank you! The hotel was gorgeous! It was 12 stories, the rooms had big fluffybathrobes, starbucks coffee, down comforter, and a flat screen tv. NICE!
Our flight the next morning was nice and smooth and with first class, nice and roomy!!
So, that's the highlights of my trip!!!
New 18 Week Belly Pic coming tomorrow!!!